A summary of multi modal transport initiatives.

Multi-modal transport initiatives

Multi modal transport initiatives encompass all modes of travel walking, cycling, bus, rail, and the private car. The principal aim is integration between:

  1. all types of transport making it as easy as possible for car drivers to switch to rail, bus or coach by providing good connections between them, by managing roads as part of the wider transport system and by improved co-ordination with public transport operators
  2. road freight and other freight modes
  3. trunk roads and local roads

Local examples of multi-modal transport initiatives

Local examples are:

  • Europa Buscentre and Great Victoria Street Station, Belfast which is an integrated bus and rail facility in a fully accessible environment
  • bus lanes giving priority to buses over the general road user
  • park and share where two or more people travel independently to car parks provided beside major road interchanges and then share one car to a common destination. Some of the park and share sites are located close to bus routes allowing users to complete their journey by bus.
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