Belfast Cycling Network Delivery Plan 2022 – 31

The release of the Belfast Cycling Network Delivery Plan 2022 – 31 in March 2022 follows on from ‘Making Belfast an Active City – Belfast Cycling Network 2021’ which was published in June 2021.

The purpose of this Delivery Plan is to identify the key schemes throughout the city, with a particular focus on those areas where there is currently little separated or traffic-free infrastructure.  It also identifies those schemes that link pieces of isolated infrastructure into a more coherent network of routes.  The Plan highlights those schemes that could be deliverable in the short term – the medium term – and the long term.  It also sets out strategic approaches to delivery.  The timescale for delivery of each project will be refined as each project is designed, consulted upon and constructed.  

This network aims to provide safe and attractive space which will give people the freedom and confidence to cycle whether by providing segregated infrastructure on the public road, traffic-free paths through parks or quiet streets where motor traffic volumes are very low and the speed of traffic is appropriate to the quiet nature of the area.  It should not be seen as the limit of our ambitions for active travel but as a means of shaping it and delivering better travel options and a key part of a more liveable city for the communities and citizens of Belfast.

Over 50 individual schemes are planned for delivery including trialling new routes.  Delivery of the Network was estimated to cost £100 million over a ten year period when the Belfast Cycling Network was published in June 2021.

Progress will also be dependent on the level of annual funding available for active travel.

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