Draft Belfast Bicycle Network - Consultation

The Minister for Infrastructure sets out proposals for a bicycle network for Belfast.

This proposed network will bring a good quality bicycle route within the reach of most people within the city, connecting people and communities with places and services which they will be able to reach by bicycle.  It is an important element of the Minister’s 3–five–10 strategy: promoting active travel and giving people the freedom and confidence to use the bicycle for everyday journeys.

Developing this bicycle network will contribute to several Programme for Government outcomes through delivering active travel infrastructure, reducing congestion, improving air quality and providing a safe and accessible resource for more healthy active lifestyles.

The public consultation on the draft Belfast Bicycle Network is a key step towards creating a comprehensive network for the bicycle.  A coherent network of well connected, comfortable and convenient high quality cycle routes will make cycling a more attractive option for shorter journeys up to around five kilometres.

The Draft Belfast Bicycle Network 2017 consultation document was published in January 2017.

The draft Network was developed in consultation with a number of key stakeholders within the city. It is based upon the cycling routes identified in the Belfast Metropolitan Transport Plan of 2004 and takes account of a number of changed circumstances that have occurred in the city since then.

The consultation runs to 5.00 pm on Thursday 13 April 2017.

You will find the consultation at:

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