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The Travel Survey for Northern Ireland (TSNI) collects information on how and why people travel within Northern Ireland.


The TSNI started in 1999 and is based on the National Travel Survey run by the Department for Transport. Three years of data are normally combined to ensure the analysis carried out is robust.  This ensures a wide range range of analysis can be carried out.  Where it is established that there is a large enough achieved sample, it is possible to report limited information for single years.  


Three TSNI reports are produced annually. Technical reports (survey methodology and questionnaire) and in-depth reports (detailed results) are available from 1999-2001. Headline reports (key results) have been published since 2007-2009.

2020 publications

2017-2019 publications

2016-2018 publications

Previous publications

All previous publications (1999-2001 to 2015-2017) are available to view.

Related information

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For general enquiries, data requests and feedback, contact Analysis, Statistics and Research Branch

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