Lagan pedestrian and cycle bridge

Information on the Lagan pedestrian and cycle bridge including, the feasibility report, proposed options, scheme assessment report, stakeholder engagement events, next steps, environmental statement, figures, appendices and flood risk assessment.


Lagan Footbridge sketchup
Lagan Footbridge sketchup image
The Lagan Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge will be a twin pylon stayed bridge spanning 140m across the River Lagan from the Gasworks site to the indoor Tennis Centre and Ozone Complex.  The width of the bridge at 5.0m will accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists and improve linkages between communities from both sides of the River Lagan.  It will also improve transport linkages to the City Centre for pedestrians and cyclists and accessibility to leisure facilities and parks for local communities and commuters.  It will encourage sustainability by enabling people to choose healthier cleaner forms of transport and improve road safety to provide an alternative traffic free route.

Feasibility report and proposed options

The feasibility report, apendices and proposed options were published in April 2014 and can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Stage 2 - Scheme Assessment Report

The feasibility report recommended that three options be considered further to identify a preferred bridge design. A Stage 2 Scheme Assessment Report has been completed which has identified a preferred bridge design.

Stakeholder engagement events

Two stakeholder engagement events were held on 28 January 2015 in the Shaftsbury Recreation Centre from 11am - 7pm and on the 29 January 2015 in the Indoor Tennis Centre and Ozone Complex from 11am - 7pm.  The display banners and video can be viewed below.

The issues raised at the stakeholder engagement events and the Department's responses to these are available via the link below.

Next steps

The Department submitted the planning application for the bridge in May 2015.  The Environmental Statement associated with the planning application is available to view by downloading the links below.

Alternatively hard copies can be viewed in the Department's Headquarter building.  To arrange to view this document please contact via email or telephone.

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