Planning activity statistics

Reports on the volume of planning applications received and decisions issued. They include geographic detail at the Local Government District and the Assembly Constituency levels.


Since the transfer of planning powers to councils in April 2015, the quarterly bulletins present a summary of provisional Northern Ireland planning volumes and processing performance for the new district councils, and the Department.

The provisional quarterly releases are then replaced by a final annual publication, which contains finalised figures on the volume of applications received and decided, including geographic detail at the district council level, and detail on areas of high public interest (including information on residential development in urban and rural areas), renewable energy and enforcement activity.  

Please note that there may be small differences between finalised figures for quarterly data and what has been reported in the provisional quarterly reports.  In keeping with Open Data, users should note that from 2015/16 it has been decided to retain provisional quarterly reports on the website.

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    Quarterly – provisional results


    Annual - finalised results

    Quarterly – provisional results


    Annual - finalised results

    Quarterly – provisional results


    Annual - finalised results

    Quarterly – provisional results


    Annual - finalised results

    Quarterly – provisional results

    Note:  it was necessary to combine the second and third quarterly bulletins after planning hierarchy classification issues led to a delay in the second quarterly publication.


    Note: after April 2015 the monthly renewable energy release was incorporated into the Northern Ireland planning statistics bulletins.

    2002/03 to 2013/14


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