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Memorandum introducing Interim Advice Note (IAN) 127/09 revision 1 which relates to Health and Safety issues when using Foamed Concrete containing 'reactive’ aggregate constituents.

Published 12 May 2011Policy papers

To consider all available options a scheme assessment was carried out.  This is a three stage procedure, which compares various options based on the government’s five key transport objectives of environment, safety, economy, integration and accessibility.  

Published 01 May 2011Independent reports

Memorandum establishing a method for the assessment and monitoring of contractor performance and to explain how the reports generated are used for contractor feedback, tender assessment and input to Constructionline.

Published 05 April 2011Policy papers

This quarterly bulletin presents information on vehicle registrations, vehicle and driver testing, use of public transport and deliveries of petroleum in Northern Ireland.

Published 31 March 2011Statistical reports

Sets out the Statutory Orders published in March 2007 for the A6 Randalstown to Toome dual carriageway.

Published 25 March 2011Consultation reports

The Northern Ireland omnibus survey carried out in January 2010 included 4 questions to determine the current public perception of how safe it is to use public transport.

Published 24 March 2011Research and analysis

Sets out the confirmed Orders and the notice to proceed with an environmental statement for the scheme.

Published 23 March 2011Decisions

Sets out the confirmed Orders and the notice to proceed with an environmental statement for the scheme.

Published 23 March 2011Decisions

Lead and additional Inspectors conducted two inquiries at The Park Avenue Hotel, 158 Holywood Road, Belfast in November 2010, in connection with the proposed A55 Knock Road widening scheme.

Published 22 March 2011Independent reports

The stage 1 assessment report identies the environmental, engineering, economic and traffic advantages, disadvantages and constraints associated with broadly defined improvement strategies. This concludes in the selection of a number of potential routes or scheme options.

Published 21 March 2011Corporate reports

This is a non-technical summary of the draft environmental reports and the full environmental reports for the Northern Ireland Revised Regional Transportation Strategy 2011. 

Published 15 March 2011Impact assessments

This Strategy sets out the vision and presents measures for improving road safety in Northern Ireland up to 2020, including targets for reductions in deaths and serious injuries to be achieved over that period.

Published 11 March 2011Corporate reports

Northern Ireland’s Road Safety Strategy to 2020 outlines the key challenges to be addressed over its life. It highlights the main evidence, statistical analysis and research carried out and the consultation conducted to inform the Strategy. 

Published 11 March 2011Business plans

Memorandum relating to the Gateway Review process, a key assurance mechanism designed to provide an objective view of a programme or project’s ability to deliver on time and to budget.

Published 25 February 2011Policy papers

DfI Roads policy and procedures guide for entering into an agreement with any person for the execution by the Department of works (e.g. Traffic calming measures) where that person pays the whole or part of the cost.

Published 25 February 2011Policy papers

DfI Roads policy and procedures guide providing an agreed protocol between the department, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, housing associations, and ‘other housing representative groups’, with respect to considering requests for parking

Published 25 February 2011Policy papers

Memorandum providing guidance additional to TD 69/07, applicable to lay-bys and rest areas on all purpose trunk roads in Northern Ireland.

Published 25 February 2011Policy papers

Traffic sign authorisation for the purpose of indicating to vehicular traffic the direction to the Giant's Causeway main car park, that the car park is full and the direction to a Park and Ride facility.

Published 25 February 2011Policy papers

Business travel (outside Northern Ireland) and accommodation details the levels at which official travel/accommodation and completed travel request booking forms must be approved (OM 01-11).

Published 07 February 2011Guidance literature

An exhibition of the of the plan to compulsorily acquire land to build the Annaghmore Road Bellshill Road alternative grade-separated junction was held in Christ Church Parish Hall, 10 Station Road, Castledawson on Wednesday 19 January 2011.

Published 19 January 2011Guidance literature

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