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The Northern Ireland Road Safety Monitor Report covers behaviour, attitudes and awareness of road safety issues among the general public in Northern Ireland.  The main topics covered within this report include speeding, drinking and driving and pedestrians.

Published 28 October 2010Statistical reports

A strategical update to the document 'Intelligent Transport Systems in Northern Ireland, The Next 10 Years 2003-2012'.

Published 27 October 2010Corporate reports

The Drainage Council meets approximately 3 times per year and minutes of meetings are recorded by the secretariat to the Drainage Council. Minutes can be viewed using the links below, or by writing to the Drainage Council for NI at the address provided below.

Published 21 October 2010Agendas and minutes

This quarterly bulletin presents information on vehicle registrations, vehicle and driver testing, use of public transport and deliveries of petroleum in Northern Ireland.

Published 14 October 2010Statistical reports

DfI Roads policy and procedures for obtaining headquarters approval for tenders or contracts for schemes in excess of £1.5m, including approvals for advertising for a restricted list of contractors, the restricted list of contractors, proceeding

Published 13 October 2010Policy papers

Memorandum introducing Interim Advice Note (IAN) 131/10 which provides clarification on permissible deflection of permanent formwork during construction of highway bridges.

Published 13 October 2010Policy papers

The main purpose of this Design Guide is to present current best practice in relation to accessibility at bus stops.

Published 01 October 2010Guidance literature

This publication brings together a variety of useful transport information published by a number of different sources.

Published 30 September 2010Statistical reports

Sets out details of the Health impact assessment workshops held for the A6 Londonderry to Dungiven dualling schemes.

Published 28 September 2010Impact assessments

Traffic sign authorisation for signs for the purpose of indicating to vehicular traffic the point at which a recently imposed speed limit of 30 mph begins on a road which had previously been subject to a higher speed limit.

Published 23 September 2010Policy papers

DfI Roads policy and procedure guide outlining the legislation governing the provision of road humps.

Published 17 September 2010Policy papers

Background to and explanation of variable mandatory speed limits on M1/A12 Westlink and the impact on motorists.

Published 16 September 2010Guidance literature

Non-technical summary and full technical report following the serious flood event in Ahoghill during August 2008

Published 15 September 2010Decisions

Traffic sign authorisation for the purpose of indicating to vehicular traffic restrictions on length of waiting time and return period for coaches.

Published 13 September 2010Policy papers

The NI Drink Drive reconviction analysis for those referred onto a course for drink drive offenders was commissioned by the CDDO working group to be used as a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of the courses for drink drive offenders, published 2010.

Published 09 September 2010Statistical reports

This stage 1 scheme assessment report identifies the environmental, engineering, economic and traffic advantages, disadvantages and constraints associated with broadly defined improvement strategies for the A32 Cornamuck scheme.

Published 31 August 2010Corporate reports

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) published Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) on Wind Energy Development in Northern Ireland's Landscapes.

Published 06 August 2010Guidance literature

This stage 1 scheme assessment report identifies the environmental, engineering, economic and traffic advantages, disadvantages and constraints associated with broadly defined improvement strategies for the A4 Enniskillen Southern Bypass scheme.

Published 31 July 2010Corporate reports

Report from the Flooding Taskforce following the 2009 Fermanagh flooding incident.

Published 30 July 2010Decisions

The 2010 NI Seat Belt Survey reports on the level of seat belt wearing in Northern Ireland with the majority of this report concentrating on seatbelt wearing rates in cars only.

Published 01 July 2010Statistical reports

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