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Driver Vehicle Agency’s key priorities and main challenges for the year ended 31March 2014

Published 21 October 2013Corporate reports

Guidance notes for completion of Application for entry into service consent for large goods trailer.

Published 16 October 2013Guidance literature

Traffic sign authorisation for the purpose of indicating to vehicular traffic the direction to an approved mountain bike trail.

Published 02 October 2013Policy papers

This Code of Practice is intended to help you to safely carry out signing, lighting and guarding of street works and road works on all highways and roads, except motorways and any dual carriageways with a speed limit of 50mph or more. 

Published 01 October 2013Policy papers

This publication brings together a variety of useful transport information published by a number of different sources.

Published 26 September 2013Statistical reports

The 2013 NI Road Safety Strategy to 2020 annual statistical report monitors the progress of the strategy against agreed targets and key performance indicators. The targets are measured against a baseline of 2004-2008 average figures.

Published 26 September 2013Statistical reports

Draft Regulatory Impact Assessment supports the implementation in Northern Ireland of Commission Directive 2010/48/EU

Published 16 September 2013Guidance literature

The statistics reported within this publication include summary key business volumes and transactions received and processed by the Driver and Vehicle Agency during the quarter specified.

Published 12 September 2013Statistical reports

The TSNI collects information on how and why people travel within Northern Ireland.  The technical report is produced annually and contains information on survey methodology as well as the survey questionnaire.

Published 29 August 2013Research and analysis

The National Winter Service Research Group (NWSRG) has been commissioned by the Department of Regional Development, Northern Ireland (DRDNI) to undertake a 'Peer Assist Review' of the Department's Roads Service winter arrangements.

Published 16 August 2013Independent reports

Number Plate Supplier Registration Form

Published 15 August 2013Forms

The 2013 NI Seat Belt Survey reports on the level of seat belt wearing by occupants travelling in cars, vans and taxis throughout Northern Ireland, however, it primarily focuses on the wearing rates in cars.

Published 01 August 2013Statistical reports

Driver Vehicle Agency Annual Report and Accounts 2012-13.

Published 31 July 2013Corporate reports

Traffic sign authorisation in connection with the execution of works on or near a road or a temporary obstruction thereon and indicating the delay.

Published 29 July 2013Policy papers

The TSNI collects information on how and why people travel within Northern Ireland. Three years of data need to be combined to ensure the analysis carried out is robust. The headline report is the first to be produced each year and contains key results.

Published 25 July 2013Research and analysis

Responses received to the public consultation exercise between 14 January and 12 April 2013 and from the three public meetings held in Belfast, Londonderry and Dungannon seeking the views of the public and stakeholders on the priorities for future investment&nbs

Published 22 July 2013Consultation reports

Guidance in how to fill in the ‘Application Form for a first tax disc and registration for a used motor vehicle’ (V55/5).

Published 19 July 2013Guidance literature

Guidance for making a complaint to the Driver Vehicle Agency.

Published 19 July 2013Forms

The Northern Ireland omnibus survey carried out in January 2013 included 5 questions to determine the current public perception of how safe it is to use public transport.

Published 18 July 2013Research and analysis

What to do when taking a vehicle out of Northern Ireland.

Published 17 July 2013Notices

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