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When geotechnical approval is required developers should contact the local DfI Roads Divisional headquarters. A guidance leaflet provides information for developers and designers on managing geotechnical risk. 

Published 16 March 2012Guidance literature

The strategy aims to take account of the economic ambitions and needs of the Region, and put in place spatial planning, transport and housing priorities that will support and enable the aspirations of the Region to be met.

Published 05 March 2012Corporate reports

This environmental statement documents the assessment undertaken on the potential environmental impacts of the proposed dualling of the A26 (Frosses Road) from the B64 Glarryford Crossroads to the A44 (Drones Road) Junction.

Published 01 March 2012Independent reports

This stage 2 report identifies the factors to be taken into account in choosing alternative routes or improvement schemes and to identify the environmental, engineeering, economic and traffic advantages, disadvantages and constraints associated with those r

Published 29 February 2012Corporate reports

This survey was sent to 2,000 concessionary fares scheme pass holders in early May 2011. It gathered an equality profile and useful feedback on people’s usage of their concessionary pass and their experiences of applying for the pass.

Published 28 February 2012Research and analysis

The Department of the Environment issued a consultation document on 28 September 2011 which ran until 23 November 2011.

Published 28 February 2012Consultation reports

This report summarises the habitat regulations assessment that has been undertaken alongside and following the development of the New Approach to Regional Transportation.

Published 22 February 2012Corporate reports

Traffic sign authorisation for the purpose of the control of traffic and with respect to the use of vehicles on Oxford Street and East Bridge Street, Belfast

Published 22 February 2012Policy papers

DfI Roads policy and procedures guide identifying the frequency of principal inspections of bridges.

Published 14 February 2012Policy papers

Sets out the transcript of the February 2012 Public inquiry into the proposed A6 Annaghmore Bellshil junction.  

Published 14 February 2012Independent reports

Sets out the documents associated with the February 2012 Public inquiry into the proposed A6 Annaghmore Bellshill junction proposal.

Published 13 February 2012Independent reports

Memorandum highlighting the need for bridge inspectors to pay close attention to precast concrete copings on parapet upstands and retaining walls. The same principles are to be applied to other precast units attached to structures.

Published 10 February 2012Policy papers

Traffic sign authorisation for the purpose of indicating to vehicular traffic the location of an integrated parking place and recharging facility for electric vehicles.

Published 09 February 2012Policy papers

Minutes of DVA Management Board meeting from November 2011

Published 07 February 2012Agendas and minutes

Minutes of DVA Management Board meeting of December 2011

Published 07 February 2012Agendas and minutes

This monitoring report focuses on key achievements in the Regional Transport Strategy during the period 1 April 2007 to 31 March 2012.

Published 25 January 2012Corporate reports

This quarterly bulletin presents information on vehicle registrations, vehicle and driver testing, use of public transport and deliveries of petroleum in Northern Ireland.

Published 19 January 2012Statistical reports

Community involvement events were held on: 

Published 17 January 2012Guidance literature

DfI Roads memorandum revising the financial limits for minor, large minor and major works, and the intervention limits for the different procurement procedures.

Published 12 January 2012Policy papers

Stage 2 identifies the factors to be taken into account in choosing alternative routes or improvement schemes and to identify the environmental, engineering, economic and traffic advantages, disadvantages and constraints associated with those routes or schemes.

Published 12 January 2012Independent reports

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