A2 Skeoge Link - overview

Construction of a single carriageway from Skeoge roundabout’ on the Buncrana Road to the existing Skeoge Road west of Ballyarnett roundabout.


  • constructed


  • contract one - £2.1 million
  • contract two - £3.5 million


Skeoge Link dual carriageways are part of the North Western Key Transport Corridor connecting Belfast to Londonderry and on to Donegal. The construction:

  • completes the strategic route from Foyle Bridge through to Buncrana Road and on to Donegal
  • removes strategic traffic which previously travelled through the mainly residential Glengalliagh Road
  • unlocks further housing and industrial development in the area

Skeoge Link begins at the Skeoge roundabout on the Buncrana Road, rises on embankment to cross over the Skeoge River and crosses the Upper Galliagh Road in shallow cutting. It continues north east alongside the electricity transmission line before curving east in cutting to cross over the Lower Galliagh Road to connect to the existing Skeoge Road west of Ballyarnett roundabout. It includes roundabouts to connect to adjacent housing lands. Planning approval for the road was granted in July 2006 and the land required to build the road was acquired by compulsory purchase.

Key dates: 

Skeoge Link was built in two parts:

  • contract one - four arm roundabout, opened to traffic December 2005
  • contract two - new green field dual carriageway opened to traffic March 2008

Updated: 21 August 2015

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