Goods Vehicle Licensing: Practice Guidance Documents

The Department for Infrastructure, through Transport Regulation Unit (TRU) and other bodies with delegated authority, licence and regulate goods vehicle operators and applicants.

These documents explain the legal basis for, and the way the Department will approach, the exercise of its statutory functions and may be subject to decisions of the higher courts and subsequent legislation.

TRU Practice Guidance Documents

The practice guidance has been developed with regard to the Code of Practice on Guidance on Regulations introduced by the Northern Ireland Executive and NIO Assembly in July 2010. The code is a non-statutory code of practice, not legally binding and cannot prevail over statutory or mandatory external requirements.

This practice guidance is specific to the Northern Ireland Legislation, and is applicable to NI based operators only.

Operators located in GB should refer to the Statutory Guidance and Statutory Directions available from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner.


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