Goods Vehicle Licensing: Regulation

The Department for Infrastructure’s Transport Regulation Unit (TRU) is responsible for issuing Goods Vehicle Operator licences in Northern Ireland. Its function is to ensure that only safe and reliable operators of goods vehicles are permitted to be licensed.

TRU may also take regulatory action against an operator for non-compliance with the requirements of the law or with licence conditions or undertakings. This may be in the form of curtailment or suspension of an operator’s licence and, in serious cases of non-compliance, the revocation of a licence and disqualification from holding one.

Practice Guidance and Instruction Documents

The Practice Guidance Documents explain the legal basis for, and the way the Department will approach, the exercise of its statutory functions. These are designed to explain how the legislation impacts goods vehicle operators and provided advice to those applicants and operators who are regulated by the Department

Applications & Decisions

The Department is required to produce a publication titled 'Applications and Decisions' (As & Ds) which contains details of all goods vehicle operator's licence applications and decisions made (during a given period).

This publication can be sent on request to statutory objectors in NI. The list of statutory objectors is kept as up to date as possible. If you would like to receive a copy of the ‘As & Ds’ please contact the Central Licensing Office to be added to the circulation list:

Central Licensing Office
PO Box 180
  • Tel: 0113 302 1199

Published Applications & Decisions

Previous Applications and Decisions may be requested from the Transport Regulation Unit at the address below.

Contact Transport Regulation Unit

Transport Regulation Unit
Level 4, Clarence Court
10-18 Adelaide Street
Town Parks
Belfast BT2 8GB

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