Taxi Policy and Legislation

As part of the process of improving and modernising the taxi industry, the previous Minister Chris Hazzard started a review of Northern Ireland taxi policy and legislation. The then Minister also established a Taxi Advisory Forum which is helping to inform the review.

Taxi Advisory Forum

The Taxi Advisory Forum is made up of representatives of all sectors of the taxi industry, key stakeholders and Departmental officials. The Forum, or it's subgroups, plan to meet at least 3 times a year to discuss strategic issues both during the taxi review and once it is completed. 

Taxi Drivers’ Sub Group

A taxi drivers’ sub group has been set up to ensure the views of drivers are adequately taken into consideration during and after the review. 

Minutes of Taxi Drivers’ Sub Group meetings


All the relevant legislation can be accessed at:

Taxi Licensing Forms and Guidance

Taxi Policy Team

Contact details for the Taxi Policy team are as follows:-

Room 3-09, Clarence Court
10-18 Adelaide Street
Town Parks


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