A6 Annaghmore Bellshill junction (2010) - community involvement

DfI Roads recognises the importance of community information events in the development of major road schemes and holds exhibitions at key stages to inform and to facilitate community involvement in its decision making process.

Community updates

DfI Roads produces occasional community updates to keep landowners and others informed of activities at critical stages in the scheme development process.

Community information event (December 2009)

An exhibition to explain the revised junction proposal was held on 30 November 2009 and 1 December 2009 in Christ Church Parish Hall, 10 Station Road, Castledawson. Representatives from DfI Roads and their consultants were present to answer questions and to provide assistance to members of the public. Comments sheets, made available as part of the community information event, gave the local community and businesses an opportunity to express their views on the proposals.

Vesting Order exhibition (January 2011)

An exhibition of the plan to compulsorily acquire land to build the Annaghmore Road Bellshill Road alternative grade-separated junction was held in Christ Church Parish Hall, 10 Station Road, Castledawson on Wednesday 19 January 2011. Staff from DfI Roads and their advisors were present to explain the junction proposal.  

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