A6 Randalstown to Toome dualling scheme

The scheme would lead traffic onto a 7.3 kilometre long dual carriageway, constructed between the M22 at Randalstown and the Toome Bypass.

A6 Randalstown Toome location on North Western Transport Corridor The existing single carriageway Moneynick Road would be retained to provide local access to Moneynick and the surrounding area.

A new compact grade-separated junction at the end of the M22 Motorway would connect to the Moneynick Road at Randalstown, facilitating local access east to Randalstown and west towards Toome.

Project Documents

Scheme Assessment Reports

DfI Roads has carried out a comprehensive appraisal of the scheme. Three reports have been prepared. The level of detail and coverage of the report is appropriate to the type of decision that can reasonably be taken at each stage.  

Environmental statement

An environmental statement is a detailed report on the findings of an Environmental Impact Assessment carried out on the proposed scheme. In particular it describes and assesses and gives weight to the predicted environmental effects (adverse and beneficial) the scheme would have and details the measures proposed to reduce or eliminate those effects.  

Statutory Orders

Before construction of a stategic road improvement scheme can proceed, DfI Roads must make a number of statutory orders and seek approval of an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Publication of draft Statutory Orders

DfI Roads published draft Statutory Orders (Trunk Road Order and Vesting Order) and environmental statement for the proposed scheme on Wednesday 12 March 2007.  

Public inquiry

Given the nature of the proposals and the likelihood that a number of the objections to the draft orders and environmental statement could not be resolved, the then Minister for Regional Development approved the holding of a Public inquiry to give objectors, supporters, Roads Service (now DfI Roads) and others a fair opportunity to be heard and to question the case for and against the dual carriageway proposal.  

Inspector's report, Departmental statement and confirmed Orders  

After considering the Inspector’s report, the Department published its Statement on the Inspector’s Report.

Community involvement  

DfI Roads recognises the importance of community information events in the development of major road schemes and holds exhibitions at key stages to inform and to facilitate community involvement in its decision making process.


Contains photographs of the existing and proposed road.


The A6 Randalstown to Toome Dualling is being taken forward as part of the A6 Randalstown to Castledawson Dualling contract.


The A6 Randalstown to Toome Dualling opened to traffic on 4 August 2019.  Notices regarding The Noise Insulation Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1995 and Land Acquisition And Compensation (Northern Ireland) Order 1973 Part II claims can be found at:

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