A32 Omagh to Enniskillen - overview

DfI Roads Western Division are progressing the design and development of a series of road improvement schemes between Omagh and Enniskillen along the A32. The works involve on-line and off-line improvements, including 2+1 single carriageway at various sections. Details of the scheme and development of scheme assessment reports is detailed below.

Need for scheme

The A32 between Omagh and Enniskillen is classified as a Trunk Road within the Regional Strategic Transport Network. Improvements to the route are now included within the Investment Delivery Plan (IDP) for Roads (2008).

On the existing route, overtaking opportunities are limited and as a result, journey times tend to be unpredictable. The construction of a new hospital in Enniskillen will include an Accident & Emergency service to the Omagh area and traffic volumes along the route are expected to increase.

The proposed scheme

The proposed scheme that DfI Roads have developed is part of a strategy for improving the A32 route between Omagh and Enniskillen. The strategy proposes a programme of both ‘on-line’ and ‘off-line’ improvement schemes to modern single carriageway standards with improved overtaking opportunities.

The programme includes the delivery, in the short to medium term, of a number of schemes at the following locations:

A32 Improvement Schemes
A32 Improvement Schemes

  • Shannaragh
  • Cornamuck
  • Drumskinney
  • Kilgortnaleague
  • Esker Bog
  • New Park
  • Sidaire
  • Drumbulcan

Current position


The A32 Shan

A32 Shannaragh Opening
A32 Shannaragh Opening
naragh Realignment was officially opened in February 2013 with an overall project cost of £7.8million, comprising of 2.2km of new single carriageway extending from the A32 Clanabogan Road / B4 Drumlish Road Junction to the A32 Clanabogan Road / Shannaragh Road Junction just north of Dromore. 


A32 Drumskinney
A32 Drumskinney

This 1.1km on-line improvement scheme located south of Dromore was completed in April 2012 at an overall project cost of £1.8m.


The proposed scheme at Cornamuck, located between Dromore and Irvinestown, is approximately 1.5km in length and comprises widening of existing road, a new section of offline road and associated junction improvements with an estimated cost of £6-7m. The Environmental Statement, Notice of Intention to Make a Direction Order and Vesting Order were published during August 2015.

Regional Development Minister Michelle McIlveen announced her decision to publish the formal Notice of Intention to Proceed and the making of the Direction Order on the 1 March 2016. the making of the Vesting Order was subsequently made on 27 january 2017. 

The Department is currently preparing the contract documents for the forthcoming procurement process which will commence when funding for the works becomes available.


A32 Kilgortnaleague study area
A32 Kilgortnaleague study area

DfI Roads Western Division has commissioned the Department's Design and Consultancy Services with its partner Amey, to undertake a combined Stage 1 and 2 scheme assessment report in relation to proposals to improve the existing A32 Mossfield Road, located between Irvinestown and Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. The study area being considered in this assessment is known as Kilgortnaleague, is located approximately 8.5km north of Enniskillen town centre and is composed of approximately 2km of existing carriageway.

New Park, Esker Bog and Sidare

Progressing of these schemes remains dependent upon funding.

Scheme documents



Updated 7 December 2017

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