Road improvements - overview

A summary of the three stages of Strategic Road Improvement programmes and the progression of the Gateway procedures for major road projects.


The Department for Infrastructure and its Arm’s Length Bodies maintain and develop infrastructure and services that are vital for everyone in Northern Ireland.  This includes our water and sewerage networks, roads and footpaths, and public transport services.  DfI Roads is one of two Core groups within the Department.  It is responsible for ensuring that the public road network is managed, maintained and developed, as well as delivery of wider transport projects including Belfast Rapid Transit. DfI Roads has a key responsibility in ensuring that measures are taken to implement the roads aspects of both the New Approach to Regional Transportation and the Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland 2011-21. The road network plays a vital role in promoting economic growth in Northern Ireland where 99% of freight and people movements are by road.

Strategic road improvements are managed under three programmes:

The Forward Planning Schedule

This is a list of major road improvement schemes identified for preliminary development, which together with those in the Preparation Pool and Construction Programme, constitute the Strategic Road Improvement (SRI) Programme.  The highest priority schemes will be considered for progression into the Preparation Pool.

The Preparation Pool

This allows high priority schemes to be advanced through the statutory processes up to the point where a decision to commit to invest in building the solution can be made.  Subsequent progression into the Construction Programme is dependent on the level of funding available at that time.

The Construction Programme

A list of major road improvement schemes currently under construction.

Gateway procedures for the progression of major road projects

  • Gateway 0 – Approval of the Preferred Corridor
  • Gateway 1 – Approval of the Preferred Route and to commence the Statutory Procedures
  • Gateway 2 – Approval to prepare the contract documents
  • Gateway 3 – Approval to commence the procurement process
  • Gateway 4 – Award the contract

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