Travel Survey for Northern Ireland user engagement

The Travel Survey for Northern Ireland (TSNI) collects information on how and why people travel within Northern Ireland.

The survey has been running since 1999 and Headline and In-depth reports are published annually.

Statement of user needs

Following various user consultation activities outlined in the following sections, a statement of user needs has been produced. It will be updated annually with details of progress made and work that is planned for the coming year.

User consultation

Analysis, Statistics and Research Branch (ASRB) carried out a user consultation exercise in relation to the content and format of the TSNI Headline and In-depth reports. The consultation period ran from 7 May 2019 to 2 July 2019 and the outcome report has been published.

User engagement meetings

ASRB conducted a series of user engagement meetings with key users of TSNI information in Autumn 2018.  A summary of these meetings has been produced.


For general enquiries, data requests and feedback, contact Analysis, Statistics and Research Branch

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