DfI Roads policy statements

DfI Roads policies, procedures and documents relating to the construction, development, improvement and maintenance of the roads network collated under their key areas.

Grouped policy statements

The following links may be useful if you want lists of the DfI Roads policy and procedure guides (RSPPG) and the Director of Engineering Memorandums (DEM's): 

Active Travel Measures

Active Travel engineering relates to measures specifically designed to improve walking and cycling provision on the roads network through infrastructure engineering intervention.

Lands Branch

Lands branch process the statutory orders to meet major works schemes’ milestones and deal with the management and disposal of land.

Network Development

Network development provide support to the Director on capital works and highway structures.

Network Lighting

Network lighting provide consultation, design, operation and maintenance services in relation to street lighting on the roads network.

Network Maintenance

Network Maintenance provide support to the Director on maintenance operations and finance and provide winter service and emergency response.

Network Planning

Network Planning deals with planning related aspects of the roads network. These include DfI Roads activities related to Development Control; Private Streets; inputs to Development Plans and Planning Policy issues.

Operations and Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) is the internal provider unit within DfI Roads, specialising in routine and responsive highway maintenance work.

Procurement Branch

Procurement activities range from small-scale, routine purchases to road maintenance and high value construction projects. Procurement branch is responsible for procurement competitions of value exceeding £30k for roads related contracts.

Road safety engineering

Road safety engineering relates to measures specifically designed to improve safety on the roads network through infrastructure engineering intervention.

Road structures and road standards

Highway Structures Unit provide specialist structural assessment, design and contract services for DfI Roads in relation to the roads network.

Roads transport legislation

Transport legislation are responsible for primary legislation for matters relating to the roads network. They are also responsible for policy and legislation for railways, harbours and airports.

Safety, health, environment and pavement engineering

Provide health and safety policy, advice and audit and also pavement and environmental engineering relating to work on the roads network.

Strategic Road Improvement (SRI)

Strategic Road Improvement manage the major works road programme and funding for capital schemes/programmes.

Traffic information and control

Traffic information and control are responsible for the procurement, design, installation and maintenance of traffic signals and controlled pedestrian crossings, strategic control of traffic on the urban and motorway networks, monitoring of urban and motorway traffic flows and providing traffic and travel information.

Traffic management

Traffic management are responsible for implementing a range of measures and procedures to help all road users move safely and efficiently on the existing road network.

Traffic signs authorisation

Traffic signs authorisations introduce new signs and road markings for use in Northern Ireland in addition to those prescribed in traffic signs regulations.

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