Lough Neagh levels

Numerous rivers flow into Lough Neagh which in turn discharges to the sea via the Lower Bann River. The Lough Neagh catchment drains 43 per cent of the land area of Northern Ireland, as well as some border areas in the Republic of Ireland.

Requirements of DfI Rivers

Lough Neagh
DfI Rivers is required to regulate and control water levels in Lough Neagh within a specified range, that is 12.450 metres to 12.600 metres Ordnance Datum, as defined in the Lough Neagh Levels Scheme (1955) (as amended).

Water levels in the lough are controlled by means of flood gates at Toome at the head of the Lower Bann river. Further control within the Lower Bann River is managed by two sets of flood gates. These are located at Portna (near Kilrea), and The Cutts at Coleraine.

The channel in the Lower Bann River, downstream of Lough Neagh, tends to impede the rate of outflow from the lough during periods of heavy rainfall. At such times the floodgates at Toome are fully opened, where possible, in advance of an anticipated rise in water level.

Lough Neagh level

Tuesday 23 July 2024 Level: 12.522 OD Belfast

Current level is 78mm below the high statutory limit.     
All gates set to closed at Toome to manage lough levels.

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For queries please contact our Coleraine Office. The office is open Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Contact details for the Coleraine office

DfI Rivers Coleraine
37 Castleroe Road
BT51 3RL
Telephone: 028 7034 2357
Fax: 028 7032 0628
Email: rivers.coleraine@infrastructure-ni.gov.uk

(Please note all requests for information relating to the location of any watercourses or DfI Rivers apparatus in a specific area should be sent to rivers.registry@infrastructure-ni.gov.uk)

Contact details for Lower Bann navigation

Waterways Ireland has responsibility for the management, maintenance, development and restoration of inland navigable waterways principally for recreational purposes. The waterways under the remit of Waterways Ireland include the Lower Bann.

For information on the Lower Bann navigation contact Waterways Ireland Coleraine office by telephone on 028 7034 4342 by fax on 028 7035 9530 or via the Waterways Ireland website.

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