2nd Cycle - Flood Risk Management Plan 2021-2027

A Flood Risk Management Plan (FRMP) is a requirement of the European Union Floods Directive.

The Flood Risk Management Plan will highlight the flood hazards and risks in the Areas of Potential Significant Flood Risk in NI from rivers, the sea and surface water. The plan identifies the Objectives and Measures that will be undertaken to manage the risk of flooding and sets out how the relevant authorities will work together with communities to manage flood risks.

The Timetable and Work Programme for the preparation of the Northern Ireland Flood Risk Management Plan (FRMP) 2021-2027, has been produced. The document outlines the proposed work programme for the preparation of the second cycle FRMP, and details the key deliverables and their deadlines.

The draft Timetable and Work Programme for the Preparation of the Northern Ireland FRMP (2021 – 2027) was published on 22 December 2018, for a six month public consultation exercise. 

The final published Timetable and Work Programme and the associated Consultation Report can be viewed at: 

There are a number of distinct steps to be taken in the production of the FRMP, and the flowchart below illustrates the logical sequence of activities in the development of the Plan.

Flood Risk Management Plan flowchart
Flood Risk Management Plan flowchart

The Draft FRMP was published for public consultation on 22 December 2020, and can be viewed at:


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