Section 75 Consultation Information

Part of: DfI Equality

The requirement to consult

In fulfilling the Department's obligations under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act, the Department's Equality Scheme includes a commitment to consult with the voluntary and community sector and general public on the implementation of existing policy and creation of new policy with regards to equality of opportunity and good relations.

Consultations, both current and closed, are listed in the consultation section of the DfI website:

The Department has also undertaken to consult on policies subject to equality screening and subsequently screened out as well as producing a bi-annual list of policies which will be subject to consultation in the following six months.

If you wish to be involved in a consultation process, you may wish in the first instance to contact the owners of the document.

Their contact details will be included in the document or on the related webpage. Alternatively please contact the Equality Unit .

Screening analysis forms

From establishment of this Department on 9 May 2016 the policies listed on the page below have been screened for likely impact on equality of opportunity and good relations.

Some older forms from the former Departments of Regional Development, and Environment have been retained, others may be available on request.

These policies are also provided on a quarterly basis for ease of reference.

Archived quarterly screening forms are available at:


For more information about consultations or to request section 75 screening analysis forms, including forms in alternative formats, contact the Equality Unit.

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