Regulations to tackle drink driving in Northern Ireland

Consultation opened on 21 March 2016. Closing date 27 May 2016.


New provisions to tackle the harm caused by drink driving in Northern Ireland were included in the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill that completed its passage through the NI Assembly in January 2016.

The provisions include two new lower drink drive limits, the lowest of which will apply to novice and professional drivers, together with a new graduated penalty regime. The Bill also provides for new police powers which will increase the likelihood of being stopped and tested and removes the right to opt for a blood or urine sample to replace a breath sample, in circumstances where the breath sample is marginally above the limit. It also ensures that a greater number of drink drivers will complete the drink drive rehabilitation course. The course is designed to make offenders take more responsibility for their actions and reduce the risk of them re-offending.

A programme of subordinate legislation is now required to enable implementation of the new arrangements.


Consultation description

The consultation paper contains proposals to introduce a set of five draft Statutory Rules that are needed to bring the new drink drive measures into operation.  

You are invited to give your views, comments and ideas in respect of any aspect of the paper. The Department will consider each of the responses to the consultation and the final draft Rules may be adjusted accordingly prior to laying at the Northern Ireland Assembly.

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