What Belfast on the Move has delivered so far

Information about what has been achieved so far as part of the Belfast on the Move project.

Bus lanes

Bus lanes are now fully operational across Belfast city centre as part of the Belfast On The Move project.

They are for use by buses, permitted taxis, motorcycles and cycles only between 7.00am and 7.00pm Monday to Saturday.


So far, we have delivered:

  • 2.6 km of bus lanes
  • 20 new controlled pedestrian crossing points
  • 320m of dedicated servicing bays
  • 0.8 km of dedicated cycle lane including a dedicated cycle lane on Ann Street
  • 40 additional disabled parking bays
  • an alternative routing for northbound traffic from Gt Victoria St via a new 2 way Hope St and Durham St
  • the closure of Barrack St to through traffic at it's junction with Durham St.
  • disabled parking bays in Queens Street.

New bus lanes in Gt Victoria St and Fisherwick Place. New bus lane in Fisherwick Place

New pedestrian crossing facility at Donegal Square South New pedestrian crossing facility at Donegal Square South

Partnership with the Department for Social Development

The project has also facilitated the Department of Social Development in the delivery of public realm improvements in Donegal Place, Queens St and Castle Street. 

Detailed plan

A more detailed plan is available to view:

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