Provides information of future schemes in Belfast city centre.

Transport masterplan for Belfast city centre

The transport masterplan provides a framework for the delivery of a number of improvements over a period of time. The timing and delivery of all these projects will be subject to the availability of funding and successful completion of statutory processes.

Belfast Rapid Transit

Details are available on the Belfast Rapid Transit topic page

Belfast Streets Ahead phase 2

Phase 2 of the Department for Social Development’s Belfast Streets Ahead project which was focused on the full pedestrianisation of Donegall Place and the creation of an iconic square linking it to City Hall has been postponed.

This would involve extensive public realm improvements to the local street network and the removal of through traffic from the front and back of City Hall.

The road capacity for traffic travelling east to west and west to east across the city centre would have been signifiacntly reduced and it was planned that displaced traffic would be accommodated by completing the City Centre Ring Road linking Durham Street to Cromac Street on the south side of the city centre.

Belfast Streets Ahead phase 3

Department for Social Development (now Department for Communities [DfC]), is now focused on delivery of Belfast Streets Ahead Phase 3, which includes public realm works in York Street, Frederick Street and Royal Avenue. This work will facilitate to opening of the new University campus in Frederick Street.

DfI is working closely with DfC in development of their proposals for this project, particularly in relation to traffic management. This will include the introduction of bus lanes in Royal Avenue and York Street and other traffic management changes to the local road network.

The associated Traffic Regulation Orders will be published in due course following completion of the planning application process for DfC's proposals.

Further details are available on the DSD Public Realm website.

Transforming the city centre ring road

In the longer term it is proposed that the existing city centre ring road is transformed to create a ‘boulevard’ and reduce the ‘barrier’ effect between local communities and the city centre.

In particular, we will be developing proposals for improvements to the city centre ring on the south side of the city centre focused on the needs of public transport and cycling. City centre ring road tranformed into boulevard

All projects are subject to the availability of funding and successful completion of statutory processes.

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