The aims of Belfast on the Move

The aims of Belfast on the Move, the traffic masterplan for Belfast city centre.

The traffic masterplan for Belfast city centre

A thriving city centre needs a high quality transport system. In Belfast, the Department for Infrastructure therefore proposes to develop a sustainable transport system to serve the central area. This will be focused on improved public transport services, better facilities for walking and cycling and a reduction in the dominance of travel by private car.

To achieve this, it will be necessary to make significant changes to the road layout and traffic management arrangements in the city centre over a period of time.

Transport masterplan

Main objectives of the masterplan

The main aim of the proposals is to reorganise traffic management within Belfast city centre to facilitate a reduction in general traffic levels and encourage greater walking, cycling and public transport use.

This will require the redistribution of available road space in favour of public transport and cyclists and improvements to the road network to the west of the city centre to provide an alternative and attractive route for northbound traffic.

The main objectives of the masterplan are to :

  • make it easier and safer to walk, particularly crossing streets
  • reduce the level of traffic travelling through the central areas
  • reduce bus journey times and improve reliability
  • facilitate future Rapid Transit proposals
  • provide additional cycling facilities
  • retain good levels of accessibility for disabled users
  • ensure reasonable provision for on street parking and servicing of shops and businesses
  • provide further opportunities for public realm improvements and expansion of pedestrianised areas

Belfast Rapid Transit

Rapid Transit will take public transport in Belfast to a higher level, expecting to attract over 5.5 million passengers per year. Proposals are currently being developed by DfI’s Rapid Transit Division to deliver a rapid transit system for Belfast initially connecting the City Centre with Titanic Quarter, East and West Belfast.

To find out more about Belfast Rapid Transit, visit the following DfI page:

Sustainable Transport Enabling Measures

For more information on transport enabling measures that have been completed, view the traffic management changes (STEM - Sustainable Transport Enabling Measures) page:

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