DfI Roads application forms

DfI Roads application forms relating to matters such as parking, placing apparatus in a street and other roads related activities.

Where to find an application form

You should be aware that although DfI Roads is responsible for all of these application forms, a number of them are available to the public through the nidirect website and we have included links in these cases to help you find them more easily.

Application forms on the DfI website

The following are all available on the DfI website: 

Application forms on the nidirect website

Consents and licences for roads is an index page containing all of the relevant application forms on the nidirect website:

This page includes:

Transporting abnormal loads by road

If you are involved in the moving of abnormally large loads in Northern Ireland, there is a straightforward process that you need to follow.

The Blue Badge parking scheme

The Blue Badge Scheme is an important service for people with severe mobility problems that enables badge holders to park close to where they need to go. The scheme operates throughout the UK, and is administered in Northern Ireland by DfI Roads.

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