Northern Ireland Road Authority and Utility Committees (NIRAUC)

In order to achieve co-ordination and co-operation at local level, Road Authority and Utility Committees have been established in each of the four DfI Roads operational divisions. These Divisional Committees (DRAUC’s) meet every six months to discuss works programmes and major schemes, traffic management proposals, potential for reducing disruption and other shared issues.

NIRAUC membership

At a Northern Ireland level, the NIRAUC meets quarterly to promote regional liaison and best practice, maintain a professional relationship leading to improved co-operation between the parties and discuss issues of mutual interest. The street works codes of practice have been agreed at NIRAUC before being approved by the Department.

Membership of NIRAUC includes utility company representatives from:





DfI Rivers and DfI Roads Street Lighting are also represented as works undertakers, and the Automobile Association attends to provide a valuable road user perspective.

Street Works Register (NISRANS)

DfI Roads are also required to keep a register of street works. In order to meet that requirement, and to assist in the exchange of the required notifications, DfI Roads and the utility companies in NIRAUC have put in place a jointly owned electronic web based system known as NISRANS (the Northern Ireland Street works Registration and Notification System). In addition to works notices the system also records inspection results and produces management information to allow performance to be measured and reported.

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