Update on Extant Planning Guidance Prepared by DoE

Issued: 18th October 2019

The Department has clarified its position with respect to the future of extant planning guidance (prepared by DoE under the unitary planning system) for the contemporary context.

The following guidance is withdrawn:

  • Operational Directorate Action Points (ODAPs);
  • Development Management – a Good Practice Guide;
  • Improving the Quality of Housing Layouts in Northern Ireland;
  • DCAN 11 - Access for People with Disabilities;
  • Draft DCAN 11 - Access for all – Designing for an Accessible Environment; and
  • Bus Stop Design Guide.

    The following guidance is local in focus and will cease to have effect in the council area once that council adopts its Plan Strategy:

    The following guidance is regional in focus and will be retained unless and until replaced by the Department:

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