A2 Shore Road Greenisland - stage 3 - scheme appraisal and statutory procedures

The stage 3 scheme appraisal identifies clearly the advantages and disadvantages, environmental, engineering, economic and traffic terms of the preferred route or scheme option.
The statutory procedures section contains the Inspectors report and Departmental statement.

Public exhibition information leaflets

An information leaflet publicising a forthcoming public exhibition in March 2007.

Stage 3 - scheme assessment report

The report for the A2 Shore Road Greenisland Stage 3 scheme assessment:

Environmental statement

Considers the likely environmental impacts of the scheme, enabling both the importance of the environmental effects and the scope for mitigating them to be evaluated.

Inspectors report

The Inspectors report on the Public Inquiry held in October 2007.

Departmental statement

The Departments decision on the scheme that will be provided.

Consideration of Inspectors report

The Departments response to a number of issues contained in the Inspectors report.

Details updated 21 January 2016

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