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Deputy Secretary - Julie Thompson

Julie Thompson, DfI Deputy Secretary Julie is responsible for the Department’s planning functions and the Driver and Vehicle Agency.  She is also responsible for policy in respect of transport including climate change and sustainable transport. 

Chief Planner and Director of Regional Planning – Angus Kerr

Angus Kerr, Chief Planner Director of Regional Planning Angus is Director of Regional Planning which is responsible for the development of planning legislation and policy in line with Ministerial direction as well as providing advice and guidance on design, policy and practice. The Directorate is also responsible for the review, monitoring and implementation of the Regional Development Strategy (RDS) 2035 which was published in March 2012.  

In addition, the Directorate provides support to the local councils in monitoring performance management and to bring forward continuous improvement initiatives.

Director of Strategic Planning – Alistair Beggs

Alistair Beggs, Director of Strategic Planning Alistair is the Director of Strategic Planning which is responsible for processing planning applications deemed to be of regional significance or those which may be ‘called in’ from the local councils.

In addition, the Directorate carries out a plan scrutiny role as part of the new two-tier planning system.  

The Strategic Planning Directorate also takes forward work flowing from the Reinvestment & Reform Initiative specifically in relation to Crumlin Road Gaol, Belfast and St. Lucia Barracks, Omagh.

Further information about Planning and the services available can be found here:

Chief Executive of the Driver and Vehicle Agency – Jeremy Logan

Jeremy Logan Jeremy is Chief Executive of the Department’s only agency – the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA).  The agency aims to deliver improved road safety and better regulation of the transport sector. Responsibilities include driver licensing, vehicle and driver testing, responsibility for those who drive for a living and roadside enforcement. 

Further information about DVA and its services can be found here:

Director of Public Transport Policy - Jackie Robinson

Jackie is Directo r of Public Transport Policy which is sponsor for Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company (NITHC), commonly referred to by its brand name, Translink. The Directorate leads on public transport policy and provides Capital and Revenue funding to support and improve public transport. Translink operates under a five year legal agreement with the Department, which defines its services, standards and funding.

The Directorate grants funds a range of transport services with the aim of reducing rural and social isolation.

The Directorate also has responsibility for managing service permits for commercial operators seeking to offer services distinct from the main public transport network.

Acting Director of Public Transport Operations - Stuart Wightman

Stuart Wightman, DfI The Director of Public Transport Operations is responsible for: Translink, Accessible and Community Transport, Strangford and Rathlin Ferries
and Effective PSA with Translink.


Director of DfI Climate Change – Liz Loughran

Liz Loughran, Director of Transport Policy Division Liz has responsibility for Leadership and Coordination of DfI Climate Response -
all Decarbonisation Plans and Climate Mitigations as well as the
DfI Climate Action Plan (and Related Comms and Stakeholder Management).

Director of Safe and Accessible Travel - Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes, Director of Safe and Accessible Travel Chris has responsibility for the safe movement of people and goods through the regulation of vehicles and drivers (both private and commercial); road safety promotion and outreach; and accessibility. 




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