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Deputy Secretary - Water and Departmental Delivery - Declan McGeown

Declan McGeown The Deputy Secretary has responsibility for NI Water - delivery plan and oversight, Departmental Flood Risk Management, Living with Water Water and Flood Risk Management, Capital Programme, Power of Water Decarbonisation Projects, DfI Delivery Plan (incl Data Dashboard on Water, Transport and Planning), Financial Performance, Budget, Resource Management, DfI Legislative Programme incl EU Exit Data and Learning Programme.

DfI Director of Finance - Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson - DfI Finance Director Susan is the Director of Finance within the Department.

Finance Directorate objectives

Finance Directorate has four key objectives:

  • to optimise the financial resources available to the Department in achieving its strategic goals and delivering value for money and efficiency for the tax-payer
  • to provide accurate timely and relevant financial analyses and information to support effective decision making within the Department
  • to deliver the Department’s statutory external financial reporting outputs and maintain processes which deliver compliance with Government Accounting regulations and other legislative requirements
  • to recruit, retain and develop a highly skilled, efficient, flexible team who are committed to continuous improvement and to providing both proactive and responsive services which meet the needs of the Department.

Director of Corporate Support Services - Linda MacHugh

Linda MacHugh, Director of Water and Drainage Policy Linda has responsibility for DfI’s Digital Strategy to support digitally enabled business transformation projects across the Department and open government.  The Directorate will also has responsibility for Management Facilities and Accommodation Officer, the Stats and Research Programme and Security.

Director of Governance, EU and Ministerial Support - Donal Moran

Donal Moran, DfI Donal has responsibility for DfI legislation programme incl EU Exit, EU Future Relations, Ports and Airports, COVID Inquiry, Emergency Planning, Corporate Governance (including Board and DARAC), Private Office and Assembly Business Unit.

Director of Corporate Strategy and Performance Sian Kerr  - Sian Kerr

The Directorate has responsibility for shaping and articulating DfI’s corporate ambitions and its business planning process. 

It also delivers a range of corporate functions: Corporate Strategy and Impact, Performance and Reporting, Equality, Public Appointments, Honours, Complaints and Workforce Planning.

Acting Director of Rivers Operations - Gary Quinn

Gary Quinn, DfI Gary has responsibility for Operational Offices, Statutory Approvals, Flooding Emergency Planning and Response, LGD Expertise and Reservoirs Operations and  LWWP - Rivers Delivery.

Director of Rivers Development - Jonathan McKee

Jonathan McKee, Director of Rivers Jonathan has responsibility for Capital Works, Asset Management, Planning Consultations and Flood Mapping Modelling.


Director of Living With Water Programme - Simon Richardson

The Director of the Living With water Programme is responsible for the development and delivery of a strategic drainage infrastructure plan for Belfast to protect against flooding, enhance the water environment and provide the capacity needed to facilitate economic development and growth. The Directorate is also responsible for developing an integrated drainage investment planning guide which will be used to develop similar plans for other towns and cities across Northern Ireland.

Director of Water and Drainage Policy - Alison Clydesdale

Alison Clydesdale, Director of DfI Water & Drainage Policy Division The Director of Water and Drainage Policy Directorate is responsible for the development and maintenance of the policy and regulatory environment to provide a modern, high quality water and sewerage service, at the lowest possible cost. The Directorate is also responsible for advising Ministers on policy in relation to the water and sewerage industry and for discharging the Department’s statutory and other duties under the Water & Sewerage Services (NI) Order 2006. The Directorate is also responsible for sponsorship of NI Water and Inland Waterways.

Head of Internal Audit - Lacey Walker

Lacey is the Head of Internal Audit within the Department.
Internal Audit helps DfI and its Agencies to achieve their business objectives.  This is done by measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance arrangements in place to achieve each organisations’ agreed objectives.  A primary role of Internal Audit is therefore to provide an independent and objective opinion to the Principal Accounting Officers (PAOs) and Agency Accounting Officers (AAOs) in the department.




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