About DfI - Transport and Road Asset Management

Part of: DfI management and structure

Deputy Secretary, Colin Woods

Colin Woods - (Acting) Deputy Secretary, DfI Roads and Rivers As Deputy Secretary, Colin is responsible for the DfI Asset Management Strategy, Road Asset Maintenance, Road Asset Development Schemes incl Active Travel and EV Infrastructure. Colin is also responsible for the DfI Capital Programme, Engineering Policy including DfI Infrastructure Sectoral Plan, Integrated Transport Strategy, Regional and Sub Regional Transport Plans and the Transport Sectoral Plan.

Director of Engineering - David Porter

David is responsible for Road Engineering Consultancy, Road Asset Operations and Maintenance, Road Asset Business Services, Road Engineering Policy and the Infrastructure Sectoral Plan.

Director of Road Asset Development - Liam McEvoy Liam McEvoy, DfI Director of Road Asset Development

Liam has responsibility for Development Control and Private Streets and Local Transport Safety Measures.

Director of Road Asset Maintenance - Colin Sykes Colin Sykes, DfI

Colin has responsibility for Routine Maintenance, Structural Maintenance, Management of DBFO Contracts, Public Liability Claims and Emergency Response including Winter Service.

Director of DfI Major Projects and Active Travel - Colin Hutchinson

Colin Hutchinson, DfI Colin is the Director of Major Projects and Procurement and has responsibility for the delivery of Strategic Road Improvement schemes, Procurement for Roads and Rivers, Capital Budgeting for Roads, the Park and Ride Delivery Programme and Phase 2 of the Belfast Rapid Transit project.

Director of Transport Planning and Policy - Sian Kerr

Sian Kerr Sian has responsibility for the Integrated Transport Strategy,
Transport planning and modelling including Regional and Sub Regional Transport Plans, Transport sectoral plan (carbon reduction), EV Infrastructure Plan and Operational Transport Legislation.

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