TransportNI - an overview

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Information about TransportNI including structure, responsibilities, key objectives where to find information on senior staff within the organisation.

What is TransportNI?

TransportNI is a business unit within the Department for Infrastructure, (formerly Department for Regional Development), playing a significant role in facilitating the safe and convenient movement of people and goods throughout the province and the safety of road users, through the delivery of road maintenance services and the management and development of the transport network.  It also informs the Department's policy development process to ensure that measures to encourage safe and sustainable travel are practical and can be delivered.


We employ a total of 2,064 people who are located in a number of offices and local depots across Northern Ireland. Our headquarters is in Belfast and we have four divisional offices in Belfast, Coleraine, Craigavon and Omagh.  Each division is divided into a number of sections that generally correspond to district council areas.

Separate Consultant and Contractor units have their headquarters in Downpatrick and Ballymena respectively.

What we do

TransportNI is responsible for the maintenance of over 25,000km of public roads together with about 9,700km of footways, 5,800 bridges, 290,000 street lights and 367 public car parks.  It also has responsibility for the development of the transport network and a range of transport projects designed to improve network safety, sustainability and efficiency.

Key objectives

The key objectives for TransportNI are to:

  • manage, maintain and improve the transport network to keep it safe, efficient, reliable and sustainable
  • promote increased customer satisfaction with the services delivered by TransportNI
  • work constructively with TransportNI's key stakeholders to support the delivery of high quality services
  • develop TransportNI's capacity and capability to meet objectives
  • ensure effective management of TransportNI's budget, assets and corporate governance arrangements
  • improve TransportNI's resilience in responding to emergencies

More about TransportNI

You can find out more about TransportNI and who the senior staff in the organisation are on the About DRD - TransportNI page.

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