Widening of the Lagan Towpath near Bridge Street/ Hill Street/ Sloan Street, Lisburn to Address Safety Concerns - Screening Form

Date published: 08 December 2022


To improve public safety on the towpath and reduce the risk of a member of the public falling into the River Lagan from two narrow sections of the towpath in Lisburn. Both of these sections lie between Bridge Street and Hill Street in Lisburn. These sections of towpath are currently very narrow and run between the river (with a steep drop down to the water) and steep slopes with thick vegetation on the other side which restricts the ability to avoid other oncoming towpath users. Widening the towpath along these sections will permit users to pass each other more safely.


  • Existing/Revised/New: New
  • Date of Screening: 1 December 2022
  • Screening Outcome – Full EQIA Recommended: No
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