Phase 3 North Lisburn Feeder Road

Date published: 09 August 2019

Last updated: 09 August 2019


Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011

Planning Application: Notice under section 42

Phase 3 North Lisburn Feeder Road

Planning Application No. LA05/2018/0139/F


The planning application proposes development at lands north of the existing B101 Road, west of the existing Pond Park Road, adjacent to and abutting the junction of the Beanstown Road and Pond Park Road East.

TAKE NOTICE that application under the Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 is being made to Lisburn City and Castlreagh Council (“the Council”) by the Department for Infrastructure Roads.

The proposed development seeks permission for the construction of phase 3 of the North Lisburn Feeder Road joining the recently constructed Phase 2 section, north of B101 adjacent to Lady Wallace Mews and ties into existing alignment of Pond Park Road just north of junction with Oldpark Road. The realignment provides upgraded junctions with the Beanstown Road and Oldpark Road and makes provision for a new turning head for residents where the existing Pond Park Road alignment is stopped up. All works completed in accordance with DMRB Vol6, Section2, Part 6 (TD42/95).

Any person having an interest in the land which entitles him to make representations about the proposed development may make such representations in writing to the Council before 23 August 2019.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the application or comment on it you can do so by contacting the Council at the Planning Department, at the address below by email of or by telephone on 028 9250 9250. The planning application can also be viewed on the NI Planning Portal at

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