Draft Road Safety Strategy for Northern Ireland to 2030

Date published: 24 October 2022

Last updated: 03 November 2023


A consultation on the proposed content of the new Road Safety Strategy for Northern Ireland to 2030 was held between 15 November 2021 and 10 January 2022.

The purpose of the consultation was to seek views on the proposed approach to road safety and the issues that we need to address including:

  • The strategic approach that will underpin the new Road Safety Strategy;
  • The proposed targets which the new Strategy will seek to achieve;
  • The key challenges impacting on Road Safety;
  • The priority areas of focus for the new Strategy;
  • The governance process that should be established for the new Strategy; and
  • The equality impacts that should be considered as part of the new Strategy.



As part of the consultation process, officials facilitated public engagement sessions which were attended by a wide range of stakeholder representative groups and engaged directly with a number of key stakeholders including those in primary and post-primary education.

62 formal responses to the consultation were received with strong levels of support provided for the proposed Strategy and in particular the proposed Strategic Approach, Targets, Strategic Outcomes and Governance Processes.

The consultation analysis was used to inform the content of the Draft Road Safety Strategy for Northern Ireland to 2030 which was published by the Infrastructure Minister on 24 October 2022. The draft Strategy provides a high-level Action Plan for 2022/23 outlining measures to be taken forward by key delivery partners in the short term,.

As it has not been possible to secure Executive agreement for this draft Strategy, due to the absence of an Executive, the Minister secured the support of his Ministerial Colleagues for the publication of the draft Strategy. The draft Strategy will be presented to a future Executive for approval.

If you require any of these documents in an alternative format please contact safeandaccessibletravel@infrastructure-ni.gov.uk.

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