Publication of The Young Persons’ Behaviour and Attitudes Survey (YPBAS) 2019 Travel to/from School Factsheet

Date published: 03 September 2020

The Young Persons’ Behaviour and Attitudes Survey (YPBAS) 2019 Travel to/from School Factsheet is now available.

DRD statistics publication

This factsheet, produced by the Analysis, Statistics and Research Branch (ASRB) of the Department for Infrastructure (DfI), contains information from young people aged 11-16 about; how far they live from their school, what makes them feel unsafe when travelling to/from school and how they would like to travel to/from school. 

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Travel to and from school

Half (50%) of all young people (aged 11-16) travel to school by bus and 56% travel home by bus. Almost a third (32%) travel to school by car, and 20% travel home by car.

A higher proportion (22%) of young people walk home from school, than walk to school (16%).

  • Over half of young people (56%) live less than 3km from school.
  • A fifth (20%) of young people said they would like to walk to and from school;
  • A further 8% said they would like to cycle, and
  • A third (33%) said they would like to travel to and from school by bus. 
  • The majority of children (96%) feel safe when travelling to and from school.

The main factors that would encourage young people to walk or cycle to school are:

  • Living closer to school, better weather, not having things to carry, cycle lane on my route, someone else to walk with.
  • Of those children who travel to school by car, almost three quarters (73%) travel with siblings and/or friends.

Notes to editors: 


This factsheet presents key findings from the Young Persons’ Behaviour and Attitudes Survey (YPBAS), carried out by Central Survey Unit between September 2019 and February 2020. These results are based on data which has been weighted by year group, gender and religion in order to reflect the composition of the Northern Ireland post‐primary population. There were 3,892 respondents from 39 schools who answered questions on Travel to/from School.

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