Public Consultation on Sydenham to Holywood Walking, Wheeling and Cycling Routes

Consultation opened on 11 February 2022. Closing date 01 April 2022.


The purpose of this public consultation is to gather views and comments on proposed routes between Belfast and North Down.

Consultation description

This public consultation is aimed at helping us to decide whether priority should be given to developing:

a) a path along the railway from Sydenham through Holywood Exchange (red); or

b) a path along Holywood Road through Holywood Exchange (green); or

c) upgrade the cycling route alongside the Sydenham ByPass (blue).

We welcome your views

The Department is seeking your views on these three routes and which one you would prefer.  The eventual priority of routes will be shaped by a variety of factors, including costs and available resources, however, the views and comments of local people and those who have a stake in the use and development of the walking and cycling infrastructure are vital and will always be at the core of the decision making process.

Details of the consultation can be accessed at the following link:

Consultation opens on 11 February 2022. Closing date 01 April 2022 at 17:00.

If requested, the Department for Infrastructure may be obliged to release the details of any comments or submissions received.  Details of this requirement are provided below.

The Freedom of Information Act gives the public a right of access to recorded information held by a public authority, namely the Department in this case.  This right of access includes information provided in response to a consultation.  The Department has the responsibility to decide whether any information provided in response to this consultation should be made public.  This will not include information about your identity if you are responding in an individual, private capacity.  If you do not wish any other information provided by you to be made public please include an explanation in your response.


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