Proposed scheme of Continuous Insurance Enforcement and related matters

Consultation opened on 02 June 2014. Closing date 29 July 2014.


Proposed Scheme of Continuous Enforcement of Motor Insurance


Consultation description

To use a vehicle on the road or public place, its use must be covered by a valid policy of third party motor insurance, as set out in Article 90 of the Road Traffic (Northern Ireland)  Order 1981. The consultation is about the regulations required for commencement and operation of the scheme of CIE authorised by Article 25 of, and Schedule 3 to, the Road Traffic (Northern Ireland) Order 2007. Its provisions introduce a new offence of being a registered keeper of a vehicle which does not meet statutory insurance requirements.

The consultation also includes proposals for two related changes to be introduced: removing (i) the insurance check when taxing a vehicle; and (ii) the need for motor insurance certificates to be returned to the insurer when a policy is cancelled

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