Proposals to increase the maximum construction speed and weights of agricultural tractors and trailers.

Consultation opened on 26 May 2015. Closing date 07 June 2015.


Proposals on increasing the maximum speed limit for conventional tractors and changing the current combination and trailer weight limits.


Consultation description

From 9 March 2015 in England, Wales and Scotland, the maximum speed for agricultural tractors increased from 20mph to 40km/h (24.8mph) and the maximum weight of agricultural tractor and trailer combinations increased to 31 tonnes.

The increases in permitted weight and speed limits are part of a package of changes aimed at maximising the productivity and economic performance of the agricultural sector and increasing road safety. Reduced time spent on the road for a tractor driver should increase productivity for farmers and make it safer because farmers will no longer seek to use inappropriately small tractors to tow heavy trailers. This results from an Independent Farming Regulation Taskforce Report in May 2011.

This consultation therefore seeks views on the appropriateness of introducing the same increases here.



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