Inconsiderate Pavement Parking - Options Paper

Consultation opened on 21 December 2021. Closing date 18 March 2022.


The Department for Infrastructure (DfI) is seeking your views on an options paper on inconsiderate pavement parking.


Consultation description

The Department has undertaken some exploratory work with a view to seeking a resolution to the difficulties caused by inconsiderate parking on the pavement.  This work is presented in the document Inconsiderate Pavement Parking – An options paper.  The paper provides fuller background on the issue, looks at the position elsewhere, and sets out some associated considerations before setting out what the Department considers would be the most practical options for dealing with the issue.

The following three options are suggested:

Option 1 - introduce individual bans using the Department’s existing powers.

Option 2 – introduce an outright ban on pavement parking, possibly with some exceptions.

Option 3 – introduce powers that would allow the Department’s Traffic Attendants to enforce against vehicles found to be parked on the pavement and causing an obstruction.

The paper also suggests that the Department explore ways of tackling vehicles parked inconsiderately across kerbs that have been specifically lowered or ‘dropped’ to help people cross the road.

The Department would welcome your views on the subject of pavement parking and on the three options suggested above and ask you to complete the survey.

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