Regional Planning

The Department is responsible for the review, monitoring and implementation of the Regional Development Strategy (RDS) 2035 which was published in March 2012.

The Regional Development Strategy (RDS)

The RDS is a long term plan which aims to deliver the spatial aspects of the Programme for Government.  In doing so it recognises the important role of Belfast in generating regional prosperity and that Londonderry is the focus for economic growth in the North West.  To ensure all areas benefit from economic growth, the RDS reflects the Programme for Government approach of balanced sub-regional growth and recognises the importance of key settlements as centres for growth and prosperity.  It also complements the Sustainable Development Strategy and informs the spatial aspects of the strategies of all Government Departments. 

The RDS has a statutory basis and is material to decisions on individual planning applications and appeals.  Local councils must take account of the RDS when drawing up their Development Plans.  

Publication of Revised Housing Growth Indicators (HGIs) 2016-2030 (Published September 2019)

Housing Growth Indicators provide an estimate of future housing need in Northern Ireland.  The indicators are used to designate housing land as part of the local development planning process.  

A number of updates of the HGIs have been produced since the first Regional Development Strategy which was published in 2001. The latest HGIs use 2016 based household projections and have been calculated for the time period 2016-2030 to align with the timeframe for the majority of Local Development Plans.

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