Newry Southern Relief Road - Stage 1 Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study Report (published in August 2009) concluded that based on the information available and presented in the report, the provision of a new road link between the A1 Belfast / Dublin (Eastern Seaboard) Key Transport Corridor and A2 Warrenpoint Road is feasible and would be expected to provide significant economic benefits

This report also recommended that all options be taken through a wider consultation process to explore and assess the wider benefits and disbenefits with key stakeholders in the area.

At the presentation of the Feasibility Study Report to the Newry, Mourne and Down District Council in September 2009, the then Minister for Regional Development confirmed that the study would be extended to include further environmental and engineering assessments, which will assist in the identification of a preferred corridor.

The Newry Southern Relief Road proposal was progressed into the DfI Forward Planning Schedule and work has been completed on the Stage 1 Preliminary Options Scheme Assessment. This report summarises the findings of the first stage of the assessment process which considered five preliminary corridor options, all originating on the A2 Warrenpoint Road and all terminating close to Ellisholding Junction or Cloghogue Junction on the A1 Dublin Road, southwest of Newry. These corridors were subject to consultation and assessed in engineering, traffic, economic, safety and environmental terms.

The Stage 1 Scheme Assessment Report, published in June 2017, recommended that two corridors from the original five be subject to further assessment. Three route options have been developed within these two corridors for consultation and assessment.

Three route options for the scheme have been developed and published for further consultation. As detailed below, a community consultation is currently ongoing to inform the local community of the emerging proposals for the scheme and to seek comments to help inform the Stage 2 scheme development process.

Following this consultation, DfI will continue to identify and assess environmental, engineering, economic and traffic advantages, disadvantages and constraints associated with the three route options. Public feedback on the options will be taken into consideration by DfI when identifying the Preferred Route Option. This will be published in the Preferred Option Report, likely in Summer 2018.

Funding is currently available to progress scheme development up to 2020, which would include 'Following selection of the Preferred Option'.  DfI will make further refinement to the design in liaison with the local community and key stakeholders. Detailed environmental, engineering, economic and traffic assessments of the Preferred Option will be completed and a Public Inquiry held if necessary.

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