Flood alleviation projects

Flood alleviation schemes have a high profile within the work of the Department, as we construct flood walls, banks and other flood management measures to reduce flood risk to homes and commercial property which have been identified as being at significant risk.

The current situation

It is currently estimated that in Northern Ireland some 25,000 properties are located within natural river and coastal flood plains.  A significant amount of these properties are within the greater Belfast area.

This means 1 in 33, are currently at risk from flooding from rivers or the sea. Another 36,000 properties are at risk of flooding from reservoirs and 24,500 at risk from surface water.

Protecting these properties is a key priority for the DfI Rivers. We do this by building new flood defences and maintaining existing structures.

Flood Alleviation Schemes

DfI Rivers each year takes forward capital works, including flood alleviation schemes. During 2021/22 we spent approximately £20M.

Click on the image below to access further information on the location and progress of flood alleviation schemes (opens in new window).

Map of Rivers Viewer

Notices of Proposed Works

The Department for Infrastructure (formerly Department for Agriculture and Rural Development), would from time to time issue public notices, in pursuance of Article 12A (3) of the Drainage (Northern Ireland) Order 1973 (as amended) that it proposes to carry out a drainage scheme or works in a specific location.

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