Annual safety performance report

Regulation 18(3) of the Railways (Safety Management) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006 (as amended) requires the Department for Infrastructure to publish an annual safety performance report for the NI rail network.

Prior to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, the information contained in this report was included in a UK wide report published by the Office of Rail and Road (ORR), the National Safety Authority (NSA) for GB, and submitted to the European Union Agency for Railways.

As a result of legislative amendments following EU exit, there are now different reporting requirements for GB and NI. The relevant GB legislation does not provide a mandate for ORR to receive NI reports, and so the Department has developed and published a stand-alone report for NI.

Summary of content

The annual safety performance report provides an overview of rail safety activity within NI. It includes information on the activities of the Department as NSA for NI, as well as information on rail safety supplied by the two mainline railway operators in NI, NI Railways (NIR) and Iarnród Éireann (IÉ).

Both NIR and IÉ submit annual railway operator safety reports to the Department as required under regulation 18(1) of the Railways (Safety Management) Regulations (NI) 2006 (as amended).

The report includes information on the following:

  • An outline of the applicable legislation in NI during this period
  • Railway operator and NSA activities taken forward to enhance rail safety
  • Key statistics
  • Safety certification and authorisation
  • Experience of applying relevant Common Safety Methods
  • Supervision of railway undertakings and infrastructure managers

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