Translink Rail Fare Standardisation 2023 - Screening form

Date published: 09 July 2024

The new structure will see fares more closely aligned on a cost per mile basis across the network which will mean that route subsidies are consistent across the network. This measure is a revenue raising measure for Translink in 2023/24 and future years. However, the standardisation of fares across the NI Rail network will also simplify the fares structure for customers by reducing the number of fare bands to 44 from the current matrix of over 1,000 point-to-point fares. While this will lead to an increase in some fares, an average adult single fare would increase by £0.50 with the maximum increase of £1.50 for an adult single.  Many options for standardisation were proposed but with the most appropriate being to get all fares within the 44 bands, without reductions in fares and no increases to be greater than £1.50.

  • Existing/Revised/New: Revised
  • Date of Screening:  8 July 2024
  • Screening Outcome – Full EQIA Recommended: No
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