The Road Races (Bushwhacker Rally) Order (Northern Ireland) 2017 No. 154

Date published: 26 July 2017

The Department for Infrastructure has made a Statutory Rule entitled The Road Races (Bushwhacker Rally) Order (Northern Ireland) 2017 (S.R. 2017 No. 154) which will come into operation on 22 September 2017.


The effect of the Order is to permit the Omagh Motor Club Limited as promoter of the Bushwhacker Rally 2017, to use for that event certain roads by suspending the right of way of other traffic on the day and during the times specified in the Schedules..

Copies of the Rule may be obtained from:

Department for Infrastructure
Transport Legislation
Room 301,
Clarence Court,
10-18 Adelaide Street,

or viewed online at:

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