Planning advert - LA10/2019/0077/TBA - notification of decision (Dec 2020)

Date published: 23 December 2020

Copy of the advert published advising planning permission has been refused for the following planning application in the Republic of Ireland.

Ref. No. LA10/2019/0077/TBA
Location Behy, Cashelard, Tullyhorkey and Doobally, Co. Donegal (approx. 2.74km. north of Beleek, Co. Fermanagh)
Proposal Application for a ten year planning permission for a wind farm with a 30 year operational life (from date of commissioning) and all associated works consisting of (a) up to 7 no. wind turbines with a tip height of up to 150m all associated foundations and hardstanding areas, (b) 1 no. on-site electrical substation, (c) 1 no. temporary construction compound, (d) 1 no. anemometry mast with a height of up to 100m, (e) recreational amenity trial and associated signage, parking, and recreational facilities, (f) all associated underground electrical and communications cabling connecting the turbines to the proposed on-site substation, (g) upgrading of existing access tracks and provision of any new site access roads required including new site access onto the local road network in the townland of Tullyhorky and associated drainage, (h) excavation of 1 no. borrow pit and (i) all associated site development works (including tree felling) at Behy, Cashelard, Tullyhorkey, Dobally, Co Donegal.
Dates advertised 23 & 24 December 2020


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