The Parking and Waiting Restrictions (Carrickfergus) Order (Northern Ireland) 2016 No. 306

Date published: 21 July 2016

The Department for Infrastructure has made a Statutory Rule entitled The Parking and Waiting Restrictions (Carrickfergus) Order (Northern Ireland) 2016, (S.R. 2016 No. 306), which comes into operation on 11 August 2016.


The rule will authorise a length of Irish Quarter West, Carrickfergus as a parking place and prescribe the conditions under which it may be used.

The rule will also prohibit vehicles waiting during certain times on a length of Elizabeth Avenue.

Vehicles are excepted from the conditions and prohibition in certain circumstances.

Copies of this rule may be obtained by requesting a copy from:

Department for Infrastructure
Transport Legislation
Room 3-01
Clarence Court
10-18 Adelaide Street

or viewed online at:

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